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Be prepared - comprehensive and customized protection for your business, your employees and your assets

Today’s Corporations tend to operate in an area of conflict between economic success and threat scenarios of diverse kinds such as espionage, sabotage, terrorism, petty crime or organized crime. That is why we at CLAVICON look at security from different perspectives and support you in your efforts to protect your business, your employees and your assets through professional security solutions.

Our range of services includes, among others:

  • The provision of consultancy services for corporate bodies or boards and senior management on security-related aspects
  • The identification of security flaws and the development of risk assessments
  • The development of comprehensive security concepts and standards
  • Analysis and consultancy on all aspects of information security
  • The development and implementation of emergency and crisis management structures
  • Comprehensive consulting services in all areas of travel security management

Feel free to contact us for more details regarding our "Corporate security" range of services.